About Us

North-America Health Guard Network LINKS
(Understand, Advise, Guide)

Healh-Guard Network has devoted to research and development of the Medical  Help Services Management System MHSMS

Medical help service management system involves in 2 aspects:

1.  Help doctors and nurse improve academic research level and reputation.

2. Provide patients with easy access to medical treatment; help healthy people to further understand the Health Science and give opportunities of practice.

The Chinese proverb - “the bouquet of fine wine travels farther than even the deepest lane", has not been realized by China's current excellence in clinical research.  "Even China’s finest wine bouquet has not reached outside China borders”.  Chinese doctors in clinical practice demonstrate superior medical evidence beyond standards of care of their foreign counterparts, but lack significant publications in major medical journals, nor are participating to the extent they should at world conferences to see patients in the rest of the world benefit.  There is an unmet need for exchanging valuable information in order to educate thought leading international medical practitioners on the important developments and standards of practice now available in China but not spread to the rest of the world.  In order to enhance the recognition  by foreign doctors, thereby affecting the promotion of numerous advanced medical technologies developed in China.


Health Guard Network Group intends to eliminate the current difficulties faced by Chinese doctors, especially for Chinese doctors  desiring to launch medical research to improve academic standards and standards of care. Health Guard LINKS, has been custom designed to reside in-hospital to help disseminate important knowledge between clinical researchers and medical practitioners in a relaxed "academic salon" environment.

The first academic salons require 500 square feet of indoor space, and the associated supporting utilities. A custom designed environment is supplied by the "HG-LINKS" corporate envelope team. All costs are the responsibility of Health-Guard

The Academic Salon provides academic assistance, advice and guidance and  is only available for use by registered members (doctors and nurses).


Specific services are focused on six areas: 

  •  Clinical Publications Library;
  •  Clinical Research Guidance;
  •  Publication Review, Edit and Translation;
  •  International Clinical Collaborations;
  •  Intellectual Property Innovations and Protection;
  •  Peaceful and Relaxing Refuge .

1.To overcome the difficulty that Chinese doctors have very limited access to current issues of well-known medical journals for clinical research (e.g. many original articles need the use of a foreign credit card to pay expensive fees), the academic salon provides PDF version of over 70 well-known academic journals involving 23 clinical categories to LINKS members. Alternatively, LINKS receives requests for assistance in searching original literature.

2.A good research project or topic is of great importance when doctors conduct clinical research, in other words, only a good topic can turn into a good paper. LINKS academic salon will collaborate with medical R & D units in North America and hire medical professionals such as students to assist registered doctors in screening and evaluating appropriate research projects.

3.To publish a paper in a well-known international medical journal, Chinese doctors often confront the problem of having inappropriate Chinese-English translation. Actually a lot of good papers were rejected merely due to poor translation. In North America, LINKS academic salon hires many Chinese second-generation immigrants majoring in medicine who are proficient in both Chinese and English, and has native English speakers as professional editors and proofreaders. Registered doctors will receive assistance in translating articles to meet the strict requirements by journals.


4.For those famous experts who desire to apply for academicians in China or North America, LINKS academic salon provides research help plans that cover a full range of services including screening and evaluation of research projects, consulting and planning during research, editing and publication of scientific literature, research review liaison and public relations, and promotion of scientific achievement in North America. LINKS ensures independent intellectual property rights and global leadership in intellectual property innovations, facilitating a leap in the hospital's research strength.

5.LINKS academic salon connects Chinese hospitals to North American medical institutions, allowing doctors in North America to subcontract part of their research such as clinical research to Chinese doctors, as well as allowing Chinese doctors to outsource part of their research such as basic animal research to doctors in North America, with the scientific results shared by both sides. Such an extensive exchange will greatly enhance the research environment in hospitals, significantly promote the international reputation of doctors in their particular fields, build a solid foundation for hospitals to host major international academic conferences, and promote a further leap in the hospital's research strength.